When it comes to night trail photography its very simple yet captivating. If you consider the following 5 simple technique, then you can become a perfect night life Photographer.

Choosing the Right ISO.

Among three the Pillars of photography ISO, APERTURE and  SHUTTER SPEED , ISO plays a significant role in night life photography. Set the ISO of your Camera to the lowest number so that you can experience a higher quality trails of light making your night trail photography more stunning.night trail photography

Shutter Speed.

I personally take SHUTTER SPEED as another name of night trail photography as it is one of the most important part to consider while taking the picture. I recommend to use the shutter speed of 10 second to 20 second for the best night light photography.

Aperture Setting.

APERTURE  looks  after how particular area is focused on the frame. Though it doesn’t play a much significant role I suggest you to use the aperture setting of f4 to f10 as per your requirement to focus the particular area for the best night photography.

Camera Stand

As your shutter is open for the long period of time, you must hold your camera in proper  stand to avoid shaky and blur images. You can just leave your camera on proper wall or on the floor if you don’t have a stand but don’t try to hold the camera on hand for the night trail photography.

White Balance

WHITE BALANCE is a simple technique to adjust color temperature or balance the color in  photo you take. I suggest you to use the color temperature between 3200-4500 Kelvin for the perfect Night trail Photography.

Beside this, one important factor to consider is to take the picture in RAW mode from your Camera Setting ,   so that later on you can just change the color balance to adjust the picture Color.

#5 Perfect Techniques for Night Trail Photography
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